Elle and Mitch

Elle Murphy and Mitch Rubly are a duo consisting of strong, crisp vocals, and driving guitar accompaniment.

Having thrown herself into music from an early age, Elle has always been a passionate singer. With recent success on The Voice 2016 making it to the Live Rounds in the Top 16, her love of performance is as strong as ever, and it shows through her crystalline voice, light as a feather in a forceful breeze. Mitch shares a similar background, having played in countless bands since his early teens, all for the rush of performing. Mitch’s guitar melodies are delicate when they need to be and punchy when they want to be. Together, their influences and repertoire range from James Taylor to OutKast, Aretha Franklin to Amy Winehouse, Eric Clapton to Michael Jackson.

Elle and Mitch thrive on a wild dynamic and love playing to a rowdy bunch with their dancing shoes on just as much as they love serenading sensible candle-lit dinner party guests with their sensible shoes on.