DJ Mikal Sa Leta

Mikal's journey began as a musician, but as his love for music grew, Mikal ventured his way into mixing it up in the nightlife not only as a DJ but also a stand out MC.

Over the years, Mikal has hosted many events with his charismatic voice and engaging personality working with celebrity guests such as the cast of the Secret life of Us, some of the well known AFL Football clubs, Ian Smith (Harold) formerly from Neighbours, Big Brother evictees, FHM & Ralph Models, the infamous Chopper Reid, the cast of Jackass and as well as some of Australia's finest DJ's like John Course, Grant Smillie, Andy Murphy and TV Rock to name a few. The birth of DJ Mikal Sa Leta began at Bobby McGee's in 1997 and sky rocketed to countless other venues including Frost Bites, F Four, The Marquee Club, Odeon, Brass monkey, Dakota, The Loft, 24 moons, Orange Whip, Waterloo hotel and Anglers Tavern, where he was both a DJ and MC mastering the turntables and decks to a variety of music genres including Retro, Rock, House and RnB.

With Mikal's diverse music background, hard working attitude, commitment and the guarantee of precise mixing of cutting-edge tunes he is definitely one to watch in the fast paced, competitive music scene.