Pasta and Rice Dishes

Pasta and Rice Dishes


Beef Stroganoff

with pickles, mustard and mushrooms over fettuccine


Traditional Spaghetti Bolognese


Fettuccine Carbonara

with bacon


Penne Contadina

chicken and vegetables in tomato basil sauce with a hint of chilli


Wild Mushroom Risotto

with truffle oil  [V] [GF]


Chicken Risotto

with veetables and sundried tomato  [GF]


Garlic Prawns

with green pea risotto and saffron essence  [GF]


Spanish Paella

with fresh seafood, chicken and chorizo


Seafood spaghetti

with fresh seafood, chili oil, basil, tomato and wine.


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[GF] = Gluten Free

[VG] = Vegetarian

[V] = Vegan